About Us

Koala Cherries is family owned and operated. We stand on the pillars laid by generations before us.

Michael and Simon Rouget the owners of Koala Cherries in the orchard crouching over a tub of Cherries

Michael and Simon Rouget

Simon and Michael both have a lifetime of horticultural knowledge and a passion for cherries. Simon is responsible for the development and management of Koala’s orchards. His passion for quality, sustainable fruit growing has him leading the way in researching and implementing the most effective Soft Farming Practices and Integrated Pest Management systems. Michael’s experience on the farm and Melbourne wholesale market has given him a detailed understanding of fruit marketing and business management. He is now Managing Director and Marketing Sales Manager of Koala Cherries.

Koala Cherries is based in Yarck, two hours north east of Melbourne. Today, cousins Michael and Simon Rouget own and operate this third generation cherry growing, packing and marketing business but they stand on the pillars laid by generations before them.

Rouget family owners of koala cherries having a picnic in their orchard in the 1900s

In 1944 Reginald and Mary Rouget established a cherry, berry and stone fruit orchard at Wandin in the Yarra Valley. A few years after, their sons, John, Max and Brian, left school early to work on the farm. At this time the company was called ‘R.J. Rouget and Sons’. A true family business where everyone had a role.

In the late 1980s, the Rouget’s sought a drier, more consistent climate for their cherries. They searched north across the Great Dividing Range, where the climate was dry. In 1988 they purchased a farm in the north central Victorian town of Yarck. The farm is surrounded by native bushland, home to many koalas – Koala Cherries was born. Other farms followed and in 2000, a major relocation of the business began, culminating in the relocation of the packing shed to Yarck.

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Our People

We are a family owned and run company. The strong values that underlie our operation, extend to the entire team.

We work together toward our shared goal of fresh, quality cherries. Each member is valued and we are proud to have such longstanding and dedicated personnel. Dedicated farm managers and leading hands work tirelessly across all four seasons. A talented team of specialists in maintenance, logistics and administration are invaluable to our operation.

Koala Cherries Forklift Driver smiling whilst on the forklift

Our People

Our Values

At Koala Cherries we operate under three core values

Consumer focus, no shortcuts, treat people with respect.

  • Every cherry we deliver should be a great eating experience.
  • Customers know what is in a Koala box before they take the lid off.
  • The Koala Brand's reputation in the market is paramount.
  • We believe direct customer relationships are the best way to grow our market share and contribute to delighting the consumers.
  • We believe in quality over cost. We strive for efficiency but priorities a quality product.
  • We focus on long term value, because we know that good things come from solid foundations.
  • We go the extra mile.
  • We're relentless in our search for a better way.
  • We build trust through open and honest communication.
  • We want customers to feel connected and understand our business.
  • Koala staff and employees treat suppliers, customers and each other with respect.
  • We want Koala to be known as an enjoyable place to work.
  • We foster a culture where our people pull in the same direction to delight the cherry consumer.