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Koala King Size

These are the BIGGEST cherries in our convenience range. Koala King Size are sweet and crunchy, making them the ultimate healthy indulgence. Packed in our unique serving tray, Koala King Size are the ideal treat for home, or as a gift at your next BBQ catch-up, beach picnic or holiday event. You'll also be doing the right thing by the environment - both the tray and lid are 100% recyclable.

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Kala Cherries king size cherries brand, biggest cherries dark red in cardboard recyclable packaging

Elevation 600

These special cherries are grown in the Victorian Strathbogie Ranges at 600m above sea level. The cooler climate at this high elevation allows the cherries to ripen for longer on the tree developing the fullest possible flavour. Elevation 600 cherries are our best cherries, available for just a few weeks after Christmas.

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Elevation 600 box of cherries with lid off, koala cherries brand

Koala Cherries White

These are our biggest seller, available the full season from November to January. We only pack cherries with great flavour, texture and appearance, which is why Koala Cherries White is regarded as the most trusted cherry brand in Australia.

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2kg box of cherries from Koala cherries, available to buy online delivered direct to your door

Koala Cherries Gold

Our main export brand, Koala Gold has become famous in Asian markets for its consistency and flavour. Koala Cherries Gold is a premium cherry, regarded as a benchmark for quality in the markets where it is sold.

Koala cherries gold a brand by koala cherries gold box with lid off showing dark red big cherries

Koala Cherries Red

A more recent addition to our export range, Koala Cherries Red was created to satisfy growing demand in Asian markets for premium Koala Cherries.

Koala Cherries Red box a brand by koala cherries with big dark red cherries