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West Coast (USA) Cherries available online mid-late June (tbc)

Care is put into every cherry tree

Care is put into every cherry tree

Koala Cherries owns 200+ hectares of farmland across Victoria, situated in 3 main districts: the north-east (Cobram), the Strathbogies (Boho) and central Victoria (Yarck). Koala’s farms are spread across the state to target various climates and grow cherries that produce right across the season. This means we can provide cherries for you right through summer!

In the off-seasons Koala imports cherries from the U.S., who are in season when Australia’s trees are dormant. This allows Koala to provide quality cherries for our customers for longer periods.

Koala Cherries grow a range of cherry species, each with their own unique flavour, look and needs. Varieties like the Lapin cherries are hardy trees that yield a decent crop each year and fruit during the peak of the season. Varieties like Regina and Sylvia are late bloomers who provide cherries towards the end of the season. Some cherry trees are more susceptible to rain, frost, diseases and malnutrition than others. It is the job of the farm managers and their teams to protect each species of tree and help them reach their full potential.

It can take between 3-5 years for cherry trees to be mature enough to bear fruit. A lot of planning and forethought is required to grow and maintain a successful orchard. Each tree is an investment and is treated with love and care from the moment it is planted as a little sapling, to its tenth harvest. If cared for properly, cherry trees can continue producing a quality yield well into their 30s. There are parts of the Koala Cherries orchard with trees older than me!

New trees are planted every year in nurseries. These little trees have the base of hardy plants that grow easily in our soil and have the cherry varieties grafted to the top. These nurseries are carefully monitored to ensure the young trees grow strong and healthy. In a few years, these little trees will be producing delicious cherries for us to enjoy.

An immense amount of thought and care is put into every tree that is planted on Koala Cherries land. We go to great lengths to grow a variety of great tasting cherries for our customers to enjoy. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing our customers enjoy the fruits of our labour– literally!

Kristen, Koala Cherries Marketing