Here at Koala Cherries we operate under 3 core values:

  1. Consumer Focus
  2. No Short Cuts
  3. Treat People with Respect

These values are at the core of our business and reflect in every decision that we make. Our main goal is to delight our consumers, that is why we put our customers first. To us, nothing is more important than creating a quality product that brings joy to our consumers.

We take no short cuts in the development of our product, and that is why we can guarantee that Koala Cherries are the best. Producing the best quality product is our top priority, and every decision that we make out in our orchards or in our pack shed reflects our desire to produce the very best cherries in Australia. No expense is spared and nothing is ever rushed. We take our time and invest in our equipment and our staff in order to grow terrific cherries.

We believe that everyone deserves respect– from our casual employees to our long-term wholesalers. No matter who you are, you will be embraced at Koala Cherries and treated with the respect you deserve. We believe in hard work and giving people opportunities to grow and learn. That is why so many members of our full-time and seasonal staff have been with Koala Cherries for upwards of a decade, and keep returning. They have found a home amongst the Koala Family.

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