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Here at Koala Cherries we operate under 3 core values:

Koala Cherries is built on a set of values - guiding principles that define how and why we do things, and distinguish us from others.


Every cherry we deliver should be a great eating experience.

Customers know what is in a Koala box before they take the lid off.

The Koala Brand's reputation in the market is paramount.

We believe direct customer relationships are the best way to grow our market share and contribute to delighting the consumers.

We take NO SHORT CUTS because:

We believe in quality over cost. We strive for efficiency but priorities a quality product.

We focus on long term value, because we know that good things come from solid foundations.

We go the extra mile.

We're relentless in our search for a better way.


We build trust through open and honest communication.

We want customers to feel connected and understand our business.

Koala staff and employees treat suppliers, customers and each other with respect.

We want Koala to be known as an enjoyable place to work.

We foster a culture where our people pull in the same direction to delight the cherry consumer.