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Our Team

We are a family owned and run company. The strong values that underlie our operation, extend to the entire team.

We work together toward our shared goal of fresh, quality cherries. Each member is valued and we are proud to have such longstanding and dedicated personnel.Dedicated farm managers and leading hands work tirelessly across all four seasons. A talented team of specialists in maintenance, logistics and administration are invaluable to our operation.


Simon and Michael Rouget

Simon Rouget and Michael Rouget both have a lifetime of horticultural knowledge and a passion for cherries. Simon is responsible for the development and management of Koala's orchards- his passion for quality, sustainable fruit growing has him leading the way in researching and implementing the most effective Soft Farming Practices and Integrated Pest Management systems. Michael’s experience on the farm and Melbourne wholesale market stand gave him an interest and detailed understanding of fruit marketing and business management. He is now Managing Director and Marketing Sales Manager of Koala Cherries.